Electrician, Lighting, Sound, Home Automation, Orange county.

lighting, electrical, sound, home automation, orange county

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

electrician, orange county



Our highly affordable indoor and outdoor  lighting design and installation services help you come up with a plan for the most efficient and attractive lighting for anywhere in your home.  Our installation is meticulous.  We cover all floors completely and handle all assets with care.  Our tools are state-of-the-art.  Our “dustless process” means no clean up even when cutting into walls.  Our special flex bit drills eliminate drywall damage. With our unique hole cutter, dust and shavings are caught in the basket. We also eliminate the need for oversized trim rings to hide mistakes since our cutter makes a precise perfect cut every time. Whether you are interested in recessed lighting, chandeliers, ceiling fans, or outdoor lighting, our expert design and installation service will make sure the process is smooth from start to finish.   Our fixtures are “IC” rated, safe for direct contact with insulation, and air tight to prevent hot or cold air from escaping through ceiling fixtures.

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Electrician, Lighting, Sound, Home Automation, Orange county.